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Elite Health Tai Chi Program began on June 1, 2016.  It is a doctors office that is expanded to provide numerous services including exercise programs. The Tai Chi program has four classes. Focus is on healthy posture, healthy exercises that improve circulation and balance.  Qi Gong is a Chinese term that refers to exercises that help the "chi" or energy of the body circulate better.  Tai Chi is taught while focusing on good posture and relaxed body movement.  Thank you for dropping by the site.

Class Times

We have four classes available.  Three are morning classes and one is an evening class.  The morning classes for Beginners/Intermediates are on Monday at 8:30am, Thursday at 12:00pm and Friday at 11am.    On Wednesday night we have a special class that is good for all levels and begins at 6:30pm.  We will allow beginners but we do focus on a more advanced form.   If you have one of the Health insurances associated with silver sneakers program the classes are free during the mornings.  Everyone else pays $2 per class for the day classes.  The evening class is $20 per month.

Location - 1380 S. Hiatus Rd.  Pembroke Pines, FL 33025

Phone - 954-261-1035 View map.


Brief Background

The Tai Chi Class at the Elite Health Medical Center is taught by James Cravens, who is the President and Director of CBII and has continued the organization that was started by his teacher Kai Sai.  Mr. Cravens has been in the martial arts since 1965.  Since 1995 Mr. Cravens has been practicing Chen style Tai Chi and has practiced Yang style since 1981.  He has been a Junior member of the executive council of the American Chen Tai Chi Association.  For more than ten years Mr. Cravens has been hosting and studying with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang.  In March of 2006 he became direct student with a ceremony in Chen Village (20th Generation).  James teaches in various locations in South Florida and travels to teach in several other states.

Master Chen Xiaowang with James Cravens

Master Chen Xiaowang with James Cravens


Master Tao is 5th Generation Yang Tai Chi. He studied from a number of famous masters in Tai Chi, Pakua, Hsing-i and Leo Ba Fa (water style). He studied Yang Tai Chi from the famous Cheng Man Cheng who brought the art to New York in the 60's. Master Tao passed away a few years ago at the age of 87. He came to Florida and other CBII locations during the 90's.

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