Caligraphy saying Chinese Boxing is provided by Sachiko Khaw. Caligraphy saying Chinese Boxing is provided by Sachiko Khaw.


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Check out our MP4 downloads.  We are adding more to your Web Site every week.  All the DVD's which we sell which are in the categories of General, Chinese Boxing Synthesis and Internal Martial Art Series.  We have available all of the Internal Martial Arts Series and all of the Chinese Boxing Synthesis series for download.  We have about half of the General DVD's available and will have the rest available soon.  You can choose between and large and smaller download.  The larger is for your computer and if you want it for the tablet it will work there as well.  The small downloads are for the smartphone or the tablet.

The Internal downloads section is Here  The Chinese Boxing Synthesis Downloads is Here and the General Downloads are Here.


Chinese Boxing Synthesis DVD's


CBII is now selling most of the Chinese Boxing Synthesis curriculum.  Fourteen of the sixteen dvd's are now ready for sell.  Please go to our CBS DVD Page to check out the details.

TN/GA  Quarterly trip Schedule for 2014


February  February 14 - 17


May 2-5


August 15-18


November 7-10

Chen Bing Seminar


June 4-8 in Dalton, GA and Chattanooga, TN



We are happy to announce the return of Chen Bing for our 6th Seminar with him.  The details will be found in this brochure.  If you have questions please feel free to ask by email.

Greg Schmoyer and Greg Beck (CBII Northern Alliance)

 train in South Florida.

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