Caligraphy saying Chinese Boxing is provided by Sachiko Khaw.
Caligraphy saying Chinese Boxing is provided by Sachiko Khaw.


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2015 Seminar Calendar

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Feb Seminar TN/Patrick

Vanderbilt Spring 2015



March 20-21 - Vanderbilt University - Nashville, TN Seminar J. Cravens

May 1-4 - J Cravens in Atlanta, GA and Chattanooga, TN - 4 Seminars

May 14-17 - Chen Bing Seminars - South Florida

May 20-24 - Chen Bing Seminars - Chattanooga, TN & Dalton, GA


Anthony Caucci is teaching at the  4th UK Wing Chun Gathering in England this March

Chen Bing Seminars in South Florida and Tennessee/GA

Chen Bing will be visiting us in the month of May in two locations .

Please check out the brochure for details.


South Florida - May 14-17


Tennessee/Georgia - May 20-24

Winter Seminars in TN/GA finished this past weekend - February 20-23


J. Cravens just completed Winter quarterly seminars in Chattanooga and surrounding area with several groups and individuals. Pictured below is a portion of the Chinese Boxing group in Chattanooga.  Below Patrick Obrien and Cameron Towe are pictures.  Cameron has been Patrick's teacher the past few years and this weekend J. Cravens tested and certified Patrick in the areas of Pakua Chang and Chinese Boxing Synthesis.  Congrats and best wishes for a strong future.

Check out more pics at the seminars at

Patrick Obrien

Cameron Towe

Vanderbilt - Joe Rea Phillips - Nashville, TN


James Cravens taught at Vanderbilt University at the Kung Fu Club.  Joe Rea Phillips is the faculty advisor and has had the club 25 years or so.  The sessions consisted of Walu Form and Application on Friday.  Saturday there were two sessions of Kai Sai Pakua 8 Changes and Phoenix integrated with tthe Changes.

More pics

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