Yang Tai Chi Chuan (64) Tao Ping Siang


The Yang Tai Chi in CBII comes from the Cheng Man Cheng line through his senior student Tao Ping Siang.  Mr. Casey learned from Master Tao for many years before Casey's death in 1986.  Then Mr. Cravens was able to learn from Master Tao each year for a few weeks from 1990 until Master Tao's death in 2006.  Master Tao was influenced heavily by what he called Water Style.  He studied the other internal arts as well.  He had a lot of respect for Mr. Casey and his synthesis and was always a passionate teacher.  Our curriculum involves:

1. Yang 64 Form from Tao Ping Siang

2. Straight 2 edged Sword Form

3. Push Hands training:

a. Single Push Hands

b. Double Push Hands (four corners)

c. Push Hands with Steps

d. Da Lu

e. Push Hands free style.

4. Two person form!

We have done the Yang long form as well, but our emphasis has been on the 64 movement form.