Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan)


Our Chen Tai Chi Curriculum contains both Lao Jia as passed from Chen Choupei to Chen Xiaowang and also Xinjia as passed from Chen Zhaoqui to Chen Xiaowang.  Chen Xiaoyu, Chen Xiaowang's father taught him as a child before he was taken away.  The following are the curriculum forms:

Laojia Yilu - Old Large Frame Form 1

Laojia Erlu - or Paocui - Old Large Frame Form 2

Straight Two Edged Sword

Single Broadsword

Double Broadsword


Quandao or Da Dao - Large Knife

Long Pole

Push Hands training Chen style is also taught:

Five steps

Single Push Hands

Double Push Hands (stationary)

Walk Forward Walk Backward

Da Lu

Picking Flower Freely (free style)