Tai Chi Chuan (generic)

Tai Chi Chuan (generic)


This is Yang style 64 movement. Master Tao instructed this method. Master Tao focused on relaxing and turning the whole body at various ratios.

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Tai Chi Chuan - Generic Principles

Tai Chi Chuan, the Generic Principles, is a DVD about Tai Chi and its essence. Even though the form shown in this demonstration dvd is a sequence close to the short Yang style form, the emphasis is learning how to move with Tai Chi Chuan principles. An overview of Tai Chi Chuan is given and then the form is demonstrated in full. A set of important warm up exercises is given along with an explanation of Wu ji the first posture of Tai Chi and the quiet standing that proceeds the practice of the form. Finally the Form is shown in six separate sections both at regular and extra slow speed and from a couple of different angles. For those wanting to try to learn the motions or verify their motions from their study in a class, this DVD should be helpful. There is about an hour and a half of video on this DVD.