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Internal Martial Arts Newsletters

In my earliest years of Chen Tai Chi I helped organize a bi-monthly

Newsletter we referred to as Internal Martial Arts. For those of you in Yang Style there are still some things you might get out of these newsletters. Some of the News is decided up in strange ways, so just thought I would throw it in as it represents some development from 1996 - 2002.




Qi Gong Clips

8 Pieces of Brocade

8 Pieces of brocade Notes - pdf file

Chen Bing Warm Up

Zhu Tiancai’s Tai Chi Qigong

Li’s Qi Gong

Short Thoughts

Tai Chi Feeling Disciplines

Chen Tai Chi Chuan


Chen Laojia Yilu (Front View) Cravens

Chen Laojia (Rear View) Cravens

Laojia Yilu 72 Form (Detail Teaching) Cravens

•Xinjia Yilu (Detailed Teaching) Cravens

13 Movement Form - Cravens -Taught in Senior Classes - 2 clips

19 Movment Form - Cravens

Kai Sai Tai Chi

You Tube

Laojia Yilu (Chen Xiaowang) Youtube

Laojia Yilu (Chen Zhenglei) Youtube

Laojia Yilu (Zhu Tiancai) Youtube A-B-C

Laojia Yilu (Wang Zian) Youtube

Laojia Erlu (Cannon Fist) (Chen Xiaowang) “Demo” Youtube

Xinjia Yilu Chen Xiaowang Youtube

Xinjia Erlu (Cannon Fist) Chen Xiaowang Youtube

Chen Bing 13 Harmony Form

Chen Bing 13 Posture Form A-B

CP Ong Articles

CP Ong is a friend and colleague who is a PHD in mathematics from Berkeley. He is a Chinese from Thailand. He facilitated the famous 4 Chen Masters as they came to the US and started to teach seminars. CP would provide them a place to stay between stops and would attend many of their meetings as a translator. He was an indoor disciple of Chen Zhenglei and then what is unusual also was an indoor disciple of Chen Xiaowang. He has a great book out you can get on Amazon called Taijiquan “Cultivating Inner Strength” by CP Ong. It is a good book. CP is able to use his education in anatomy and physics to try and put the difficult things to understand about Neijia and qi in a more understandable simple fashion. Some of the reads are tough for some but I think he has done a good job in explanation.

Generating Body Strength through Tai Chi Motion

Taiji Enigma

Scientific Perspective of Neijin (Internal Strength)

Central Status of the Dantian