Chen Bing 13 Energies/Techniques Form

Chen Bing demonstrates his 13 Energy/Posture/Technique Form for a seminar in Arizona May 10-12, 2019. The thirteen techniques are mentioned in most books that discuss theory/history of Tai Chi. Tai Chi teachers have different takes on the 13 techniques. Some say they are just techniques. Some say they are representative energies. Some say each is a bullet point for something important in Tai chi that has many things that fall under each title. They (13 techniques) are broken down into the four directions, four corners and five steps totaling 13. The last step is definitely a principle which supports the 6/9 Changeability Principle. He has been filmed several times at tournaments doing this form. In this presentation he uses projection or fajin in several of the movements. Thanks to Embrace the Moon (Kim Ivy) for her publishing of this on