CBII Kai Sai Pakua Set Trailer (3 Video Set)

Here is a promo trailer of the videos we have been selling since 2008.  The three videos are Fundamentals of Pakua, Pakua Short Core Form (8 changes and circle walk) and Pakua Animals and Dueling.  These 3 videos can sell as a set on Vimeo now for Download Purchase or 24 hour rental.  The videos can also be purchased separately and rented.  On this site .. chineseboxing.com you can also purchase these in DVD form.

Pakua Chang Set from CBII - James Cravens on Vimeo.

This three part series in Kai Sai method Pakua will teach the following: The First Video is called "Fundamentals of Pakua" - it will develop internal principles with proper alignment and stillness, Wuji, footwork basics including walking the circle. The eight posture form is presented and taught. The Second Video is called "Circle Walk and 8 Changes (Core Form)". It teaches the Eight Palm Changes of Pakua. The Circle Walk and 8 Changes are considered the core form and essence of Pakua. There is also a clip of Pakua Application on this DVD. The third Video in this series is called "Pakua Animals and Dueling"
The 8 Animals include the Hawk, Phoenix, Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake, Eagle and Monkey. They contribute content and length to the form as they integrate with the Changes and Circle Walk. The video also shows how to practice dueling exercises and preparation for free style dueling is presented.

James Cravens