May 2018 Workshops in Tennessee

This weekend James Cravens and Anthony Caucci traveled to Tennessee to do a couple of workshops.  On Friday night a session was done at Cameron Lowe's Chinese Boxing Classs as the topic was inside gate entry and finish.  See pictures below.  

On Saturday the Tai Chi Group met with Sachiko Khaw, Earl Morgan, Mark Yates, Tim Ballew, Richard Ralston, Tim Russell, Patrick O'Brian, Sam Locklear and Bryan Lewis who are all members of this group.  The topics were Building quality in the Tai Chi movement.  There are sub groups of Laojia and Xinjia in this group.  Chen Tai Chi Spear was practiced the second hour.  The third hour we did a long Fang song exercise followed by a review of Xinjia Erlu (Paocui Cannon Fist).  The last hour we did a Push Hands session working on position of the body and hands during pushing.

Sunday we had an afternoon session of Chinese Boxing.  We worked a review of the Unitary and Combination Board. We also worked chi sao dueling and push hands dueling.  

Many thanks to Anthony for helping on this trip!  On a side note, Mark Yates has been promoted to Grandfather as his daughter Elizabeth had a son they named Kiah.  Congratulations!

Here are a few pics and you can see a bunch more at the Flickr account.