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Mission Statement

The purpose of Chinese Boxing Institute International is to research, educate and analyze realistic martial arts and in particular the arts that use and study various energy elements. The study of energy and principles constitute the focus of the study.  

Traditional Arts taught here are Yang Tai Chi Chuan and Chen Style Tai Chi.

Using the Chinese arts of Walu, Wing Chun, Fukien White Crane, Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-i Chuan, Pakua Chang and others we also teach a realistic fighting art which is a synthesis of these arts united behind a set of principles that enhances the efficient and high percentage techniques of the fighting art.


We use the word Chinese to indicate that most of the influence of these arts are from the Chinese people. The word boxing is not very useful to the average person as it misleads a bit but was a translated word that referred to Martial Arts.

What is Chinese Boxing?

History of Chinese Boxing

History of Kai Sai