History of Chinese Boxing


The Chinese Boxing Institute International (CBII) was founded by Sifu Kai Sai in 1982, shortly before he moved back to the United States from Germany. He felt that Chinese boxing was so different from the vast bulk of Chinese martial art that it deserved special recognition. He believed it would receive this recognition only if it had its own organization to promote it.


In order to devote his full attention to launching the CBII, Kai Sai broke with the Kuoshu Federation, which promotes Chinese martial art in general.


Sifu Kai Sai assigned me the position of chief instructor for the United States, while naming his other student, Manfred Steiner of Hanover, West Germany, as chief instructor for Europe. Master Lo Man Kam accepted therole of chief instructor for Asia.


For the board of directors, Kai Sai recruited two of his other Taiwan-based teachers, Master Tao Ping-siang and Master Shen Muo-hui, and one of his fellow American martial artists, Professor Wally Jay. Professor Jay is thefounder of the small circle theory of jujitsu, which bears close resemblance to Chinese boxing chin na.


Sifu Kai Sai assumed the role of international chairman of the CBII. He designated me as the institute's director and international president.


The CBII is dedicated to fostering the Chinese boxing arts. It seeks to further develop the science of energy boxing and to cultivate a widespread appreciation of the boxing arts. The institute rejects the tradition of secrecy enshrouding Chinese boxing. It sees these arts as a vital part of the cultural heritage of all mankind similar to the music of Beethoven or the philosophy of Aristotle.


Our CBII group is small but is open to those who first have the attitude of learning in the study of truth in martial arts.