Chinese Boxing Self Defense

Level One

Preparation/Mind 1- Philosophy• Should one protect him or herself? Should one do so in an effective manner? What are the cost? • Understand what can and can't be accomplished at a beginner Level of training. 2 - Practical• Avoid• Awareness• Training Endurance

Level Two

Tools 1. Resources - Your Weapons• objects/environment• Whiphand, Fingers, Fist, Palm, Elbow, Forearm, Head, Knee/Shen, Foot 2. Projection - Hitting Deep 3. Balance/ under the Projection

Level Three

Targets 1. Priority Targets 2. Secondary Targets 3. Rationale for the Priority List

Level Four

First Response 1. First Response (on first touch)• Strike the target directly (primarily frontal attack)• Strike Non-Telegraphic Explosiveness• Strike Deeply 2. Completion• Hit and Run• Injure

Level Five

Balance Training 1. Balance - Sinking and FootworkForward, Backward , Triangle, and Shuffle 2. Use Principles against Rear Attack

Level Six

Endurance Training